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Upward Vets, Inc.

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VA stiffs homeless Vets
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  !  UVI needs your help  ! 
We need you to write to your Congresspersons and demand that the IRS be mandated to adhere to the law and to issue UVI the official letter of IRS recognition as a non-profit corporation for which UVI has properly applied and paid the fees.
We need you to include Rep.'s Pelosi of CA and Michaud of ME in your contacts as they have been handling the investigation into the illegal IRS refusal to recognize UVI.
While the IRS procrastinates in defiance of the law, hundreds of homeless men and women Veterans have gone without the Congressionally mandated housing and reintegration program opportunities that UVI would begin to implement with the available and waiting government grants.
Please make yourselves heard with statement that you will not tolerate federal agencies like the IRS violating the law with impunity.
Please demand Congressional corrective action.
A suggested text message can be copied from the "Progress" page of this website.

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One cup of coffee at a time
Cup of coffee
makes a world of opportunity for homeless Veterans!

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