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Upward Vets, Inc.

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Upward Vets, Inc. was working with US Rep. Pelosi of CA and Michuad of ME on the problem of the illegal refusal of the IRS to issue the letter of 501(c) recognition for which UVI properly applied and paid fees.
Both have broken their word to resolve this issue - as well as the issue of homeless Veterans - and forsaken the hundreds of thousands of men and women homeless Veterans across this nation.
Homeless Veterans are simply not an issue of HONOR in our Congress!
To the "honorable" members of the US Congress, a promise made does not have to be kept.

Message to Congress:
As a Veteran and or citizen of the USA, I am outraged that our IRS would be allowed to violate existing law and refuse to recognize a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting homeless men and women Veterans with the very transitional housing and reintegration programs that Congress has four times enacted law and mandated to exist.
I am referring to the IRS illegal refusal to recognize Upward Vets, Inc. - - after their proper submission of application and fees.
I would expect that you, as my Congressional representative, would immediately become involved in mandating that the IRS correct this violation of existing law and immediately issue a letter of 501(c) recognition to Upward Vets, Inc.
I expect you to use everything in your official power to see to it that Upward Vets, Inc. is immediately officially and legally enabled to continue in its volunteer dedication to housing and reintegrating our homeless men and women Veterans!
I ask this of you in fulfillment of your sworn oath of office.

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